Leaning into Grace (a Prayer)

Gracious Father,

We confess our weakness,
and darkness to You.
We confess the same things every week.
We fail to love one another.
We constantly put ourselves and our personal desires before You and Your desires for us.
We are fickle,
and constantly faltering.
But You are given to pursuing.
You pursue us with Your grace.
Like the father in Jesus’ story You were not content to wash Your hands of us, You set out on the road,
not in anger,
but in love,
grace, and mercy.

Lord, we honestly don’t know what to do with such lavish grace. We don’t have a reference point for it. Every fiber of our being is screaming out that we don’t deserve it, that it is too good to be true.
Yet You assure us that it is true;
and that it is actually greater,
and stronger than we can imagine.

May we trust in that love and grace.
May we lean hard on that truth.
May we know and feel the embrace of Your Spirit
and experience the rest, peace, and confidence that comes from knowing that we are Yours,
and You are ours.

For there is no need we have that You will not meet.
There is no desire we have that You cannot satisfy.
No problem You cannot solve.
No stain You cannot remove.
No sickness You cannot heal.
Master Jesus, there is no one in here who is not burdened with something,
and many have more than a few.
But take all these
and fears
and multiply them by ten thousand and it would still be as easy for You.
May our lives bear out that truth.


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