Thanks, Hope, and Trust (A Prayer for the New Year)

Our Gracious Father,

As we come to the end of another year
we thank You for the blessings You gave in it:
for family and friends,
the fellowship with our spiritual family,
the joys of worship,
the satisfaction of work,
answers to prayers,
times to rest and recreate.

We thank You for Your mercies,
for healings,
for being with us in difficulties,
for protecting us from the Enemy.
When we went through the fire, we were not burned.
When we went through the water, we were not drowned or swept away.
When we found ourselves in dark places, You were there.
Even when we found ourselves walking through the valley of the shadow of death You were there with us.
We are so grateful for Your
for Your steady presence,
loving comfort,
and Your gentle care.

We thank You for Your promises as this new year dawns:
To never leave us,
never forsake us,
that Your grace will never run dry,
that You will always hear our prayers,
that there is nothing that You will not do,
nothing You will not provide,
no place You will not go,
no sin, no power, no force You will not defeat in order to bring us Home.
As we had Your love this year, we will have it in the year to come.
Nothing we did last year changed that, and nothing we do next year will change it either.

We are humbled by Your grace,
surprised by Your meekness,
rejoice in Your love,
and are filled with joy knowing Christ is ours and we are His.

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