The Wide Spectrum Of Mothering

I adapted Amy’s “Wide Spectrum of Mothering” for my Mother’s Day prayer this morning in church. This post is excellent and I highly recommend it to you today.
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It’s raining and cold this morning. The kind of cold that causes shivers right down to the bone. I’m tired from an exhausting week of work yet the weekend of looming celebrations is swirling around in my head. This weekend is Mother’s Day, my grandson’s 8th birthday and the 33rd anniversary of the death of my fiancé, Craig. B.I.T.T.E.R.S.W.E.E.T.

This time of year, after many years of grieving, I still feel that same icky jolt that I first did when loss was too new, too raw. Death and absence are a constant of life, not a variable, and we have to decide who we’re going to be in the midst of them. Losing a loved one acquaints you to this certainty at painful hyper speed. My plans, my relationships and my character were forever rerouted.

Grief changes you. Big things grow bigger, and little things shrink from their former…

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