Lessons from Spring

But where sin increased, grace increased all the more (Romans 5:20, NIV).

It was not too long ago that record setting amounts of snow descended on those of us in the greater Boston area. It came in such huge amounts that there was literally no place to put it. And to add insult to injury February, March, and April were all well below average for temps, so there was no melting. There were days when it seemed like it would never go away.

But today, I am sitting out on my porch in a short sleeved shirt, in bare feet, looking out over the garden that is coming to life.

There is no more snow. It is all gone. I am comfortable to call that a minor miracle.

If the cold and dark of winter reminds me of how cold and dark my sinful heart is, the spring sun and its warmth remind me of God’s grace. And while the massive pile-ups of snow remind me of my sins and the guilt that comes with them, the warm air and green garden remind me of how God sees me through the grace of the cross. As the snow is totally gone and unable now to return, so my guilt is gone and will never return. That is an awesome thought!

Hope you are enjoying that grace wherever you are too.


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