There Can Be Only One, Part 1

How many of you like having the best of things? How many of you need to have the best computer? The best grill? The best TV? How many of you have champagne taste but a beer pocket book?

It’s why commercials tell us about all the awards that their product has won, because they know that people want the best.

We like hearing about the best. That’s why people are so taken up with TV shows like Survivor, the Amazing Race, and American Idol.

It’s why we like movies about overcomers like Rocky, and Rudy. It’s why we love Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. This small seemingly insignificant hobbit who takes the most powerful evil object across the world into the enemy’s territory and destroys it in the volcanic Mt. Doom. We love movies about people who win big.

How many of you remember the cult-classic from the 80’s—Highlander? (I know—I’m dating myself!) Basically, your classic guy movie: a bunch of immortal men, sword fighting on the streets of New York City to determine who is the best. And when the hero, Connor McCloud, beats the villain, he says the classic line, “There can be only one.”

One of the big challenges we have as Christians is keeping these things, people, and accomplishments that we prize so much from being put on the pedestal in our hearts and minds that is rightfully God’s.

One of my favorite gospel singers, Wintley Phipps remarked, “The biggest chink in the Christian’s armor today is that he thinks God is important….but not everything.”

In America, we don’t cast idols of gods to proudly place on our mantles. We do something a bit more insidious: we put our trust and faith in things like our money, power, prestige, success, influence, sports teams, addictions, relationships, and popular personalities. These things don’t scream “false god” like a carved idol. They are harder to see because we don’t proudly display our idols for everyone to see. They are virtually invisible. They are for private viewing only.

God knows what our idols are. He knows how easily we fall for them and for the power and protection they claim to offer.

God wants you to know, if you are really interested in the best, you don’t need to invest in anything or anyone but Him. There can be only one, and God is the One! What I want to share with you in my posts over the next few days is to tell you why God—and only God—is ready to save; and then tell you why you can believe that He wants to save you.

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