Grace Based Love

 What we do does not gain God’s Affection. Who we are by virtue of His unconditional love constrains us through the power of our gratitude to obey Him. If we ever invert these relationships (as is the instinctive, natural impulse of all humanity) by assuming that who we are before God is a consequence of what we do for Him, then we make God’s love conditional and our security questionable. Yet when we grasp the wonder of how conduct can flow from love rather than secure it, then the gospel has the power profoundly to affect every relationship in our lives.—Holiness by Grace, Bryan Chapell

Our acceptance—as individuals and corporately as a church—is not in the least dependent on our works. Our Father’s love for us is completely, solely, entirely, and in all other ways totally grounded in Christ.

We are loved because of our union with Christ, not because of what we do. Our sins do not lessen God’s love and commitment to us. And our good works, when you measure them to God’s standards, do not measure up. Without Christ, all is lost. With Christ, all is gained.

When we receive blessing from God it based in who we are in Christ, not because of what we do. It’s all because of grace.

When we are disciplined by God, the message He wants us to hear is not, “If you want my love and blessings you had better shape up,” but rather “You should not sin because you are my sons and daughters.”

What a thing to be learning! Don’t join a small group because you think by doing so you are going to earn points with God and your problems will ebb away into a life of spiritual bliss. The reason you should join a small group, have daily quiet times, attend church, be involved in ministry, and share your faith is because you are a child of God and love and joy motivates you to do so.

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