So that happened…

Actually it was yesterday that was ruff…er…rough.

Ever have one of those days when everything falls apart throughout the day, sending you on a perilous plethora of expected detours full of dips, drops, and disappointments that promise to unceremoniously dump you into the slough of despond; only to realize that at the end of the chaos, that God had worked everything out; so while you are tired, worn out, mentally drained, and more than a little dazed and confused, you are fine and all the bad things that looked like they would happen either didn’t happen or had completely different outcomes than you expected?

That was my day yesterday.

Another day of learning that I am not, and am never going to be enough; and that Jesus is enough, and that in Jesus, with Jesus, through Jesus I will always have enough. That said, go easy on me today Jesus, I’m still a bit queasy from yesterday.


  1. OMGOSH… I think I had the same day you did! LOL! I just keep saying, it’s not the destination but how you get there. So, even through the much and more I STRIVE, though not always successful, to find the joy in all the crapola. Easier said than done at times, especially when we place our faith in others for they are only human. Have a blessed day!! 😀

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